Wednesday, 2 March 2011


This is a plan for my final major project, these will be 4ft high wormeries. They will be filled with soil,woodchip,sand, grit and most importantly rotting veg( for the worms to feast on). There will also be reservoir at the bottom to collect water running through the structure. The water will contain nutrients gained from running through the digested veg and soil, perfect for growing plants! On the top of the farm i also want to grow potatoes with a perspex front you will be able to see a visible cycle of life!

The word Eon is perfect as it is a term used to describe a geological period of time. Worms have been around for billions of years and will be for billions to come, they are here to stay!

"It will be difficult to deny the probability that every particle of earth forming the bed from which . . . old pasture land springs has passed through the intestines of worms"


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